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old meat grinder
old meat grinder  
Would like to find out info on a meat grinder manufactured by The Standard Computing Scale Company. Company is from Detroit Michigan. Serial# B26406, Model 45. I believe it is a 1/3 horsepower as numbers 1 and 3 on spec plate are offset in height. Looks like original paint was red. Must weigh 80# at least. A real beast. Can you tell me when it was manufactured? Also, a fiber washer disintegrated where the head fits into the grinder motor. What size and how positioned would be helpful if possible. Also call for Medium Oil, what weight oil would that be?  Want to continue to use the unit to process venison as I have for 30 years. Thanks a lot.

Looking at the picture I would guess that this is a commercial machine.  I have never seen one before as we only repair household appliances.  You may want to contact a company such as Hobart as they repair mostly commercial units.  I would say a medium oil would be a straight 20 weight non-detergent.  They use this in air compressors.  You may find a fiber washer at a good hardware store that would fit.  Good luck.

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