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QUESTION: I'm looking for a meat grinder attachment for this, I see them on eBay but don't know what model fits it. Also, the slide switch works, but is very hard to slide. I assume it needs cleaned. Can I spray electric cleaner in there or something like wd 40?

ANSWER: The only place that you may find a grinder attachment for Dormeyer would be Ebay or some other resale web site.  It has been over 40 years since Dormeyer made appliances.

You can use a spray cleaner but be sure in does not conduct electricity.  I would use a contact cleaner spray rather than WD 40.  

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QUESTION: Thanks, any idea on how to take the mixer apart In order to clean it? The speed control slides up ok, but sliding it back down is hard. I assume it needs a good cleaning.

I would not try to take it apart.  We have done a few of these and they are not easy to get back together as there is one spring that flies when the handle is removed and it it not easy to get back in.  If you can use the contact spray it should clean the slot and it should work again.

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