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Hi, I have a Danby DDR2510E dehumidifier. The fan runs fine but the compressor does not routinely come on. It would come on it won't come on at all. The control panel has a setting for constant dehumidification and that is what I use most when testing. The unit is very clean and the full bucket switch works's not that, I get an error code on the control panel when the bucket is not installed. I read some things on the web and decided to replace the capacitor..that didn't help (the compressor would still run but not run consistently). I took it apart and tested the compressor overtemp has continuity..I assume that is good. I would like to know how to test whatever other components could be preventing the compressor from running as well as the compressor itself. Thanks, Mike

We have not repaired dehumidifiers for a few years now but it sounds like the compressor is over heating and turning off.  The new freon that they are using (134e) is not like the old R12.  It has a lot less oil in it for lubrication and that causes the pumps to burn out.  The over-limit switch on the compressor is probably kicking out and stopping the compressor as it should when it overheats.  The switch will have continuity when it is cold but it opens at a specified temp. The only way to test the compressor is to wire it directly but I do not recommend doing that.  It sounds like the compressor runs for a short time and then locks up internally.  This will open the overtemp switch.

There is also a lot of electronics in the new units and that is just more to go wrong.

These newer dehumidifiers are all made in China and are basically junk.  If they last past the warranty period you are lucky. There are also no parts available to repair them.  I purchased one of them when I needed to and had to take it back three times before I got one that worked.

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