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exact model/age unknown, easily more than 45 years old, makes round 7" waffles, has "Number E75324" on the bottom. Has wooden lift/carry handles on each side and on the lid - lid is smooth/round

I think there is a problem with the lower heating element, generating noticeably less heat than upper element based on uneven cooking. It has been working quite well until recently (about 2.25 minutes/waffle).  

how do I remove the grid from the base to inspect the element?

I think the Landers was made by Toastmaster but not sure.  There could be a few reasons why this is happening.  The usual problem is that there is a wire that is about to burn off and there is less current flowing to the lower unit.  They usually just stop working all together.  

I have not had a Landers unit apart for many years but most of the old waffle irons have a screws in the one end of the plate.  Sometimes the screws also hold the handles onto the unit.
If you remove the screws you may also have to pry the plate off as it have been there for many years.  If you do get it apart I would recommend that you rewire the whole unit as it will probably happen again if you do not.  We have special high temp wire if you decide to try to do the job yourself.  If you would like us to rewire it for you we can do that as well.

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