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Jeff Michaels wrote at 2007-03-22 01:59:51
You can purchase the TORX Tamper Proof#10 in a variety set containing 32 pieces from Sears, in the tool department, Item # 947486.

The cost is approx. $25

Mary Schoknecht wrote at 2007-06-02 22:24:37
I just bought a T-20 Torx nutdriver attachment at our local Ace Hardware store. It is for a 1/4" hex nutdriver. Make sure it is the one with a hole in the center to accommodate the pin.

Hope this helps.

Genes wrote at 2007-07-31 16:32:04
I cannot believe that my problem wasn't unique.  The cord on the Rowenta iron (fairly new) broke from flexing and I set about trying to fix it.  After about 30 minutes of trying to find out why my torx screwdriver wouldn't "fit", I backed it out with a small throwaway screwdriver that had a flat head.  Only then did I find the post in the center.  After many cuss words, I took a Dremel tool and shaved it off, repaired the cord and put it back.  Clever way to keep people out.  I can understand their viewpoint, but cords tend to be the main problem with irons and this "feature" sure makes them throw aways unless a person knows about the special torx screwdrivers available.  Thanks for the information.

Don Aldridge wrote at 2007-08-26 22:18:38
Do not be intimidated. Find the smallest flat-bladed screwdriver that will fit the screw...It will take off the back two screws of the iron.  The inside screws do not have the little post in the middle and a flat-bladed screwdriver will also remove these screws. I just did it. Good luck.

terry wrote at 2007-09-13 19:51:40
I have disassembled mine with otrques bits with no trouble

Bob Shelton wrote at 2008-01-25 23:08:04
Actually, you can use a phillips screwdriver or a alan ranch to take it off.  You just have to turn it a half turn to release the plaxtic piece that holds the back in.  I had to try three or four screwdrivers until I found one that would actually fit, but eventually, I did get it off.

Joglaze wrote at 2008-03-14 02:39:58
Get yourself a set of torque security bits. I got a 7 piece set from ebay and the TT20 does the trick on my Ultra Professional.

Lady Slipper wrote at 2008-07-11 11:15:57
I would like to sue them now because I just cut my finger badly trying to open this expensive iron for a simple repair.  The wire leaving the iron (where it bends from frequent use) broke.  All it needs is for the wire to be reconnected, but to do this I have to get under the white plastic flexi-guard.  If I have to toss this unit just because of that, I will definitely not replace it with a Rowenta,

dwb wrote at 2009-05-25 16:37:52
I used a small screwdriver that came in an eyeglass repair kit to remove the "tamper proof" screws. These kits only cost a few dollars at any discount store. With those removed, I was easily able to access the cord on this Rowenta.

Plato wrote at 2009-07-06 18:01:31
Thank you Don A and dwb! That did the trick. The other answers were a bit too technical and your simple aproach was all that was needed. It gave me great pleasure to beat Rowenta at their nasty game.

JC wrote at 2009-10-07 00:09:45
The 'star' screws are common and the bits are easily found.  Most hardware stores, Lowes, Home Depot, etc sell the bit to fit them.  You DO NOT have to be an authorized service center to buy them.

lucy59 wrote at 2013-08-22 07:23:08
Thanks for the info,  this has always been one of the best irons I've ever owned, but I always have the same problem..............THE CORD!!!!!!  Why is this?  I just bought this one, and it will be my last.

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