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Snakes/Ball Python Scale Rot


kukla wrote at 2013-08-20 20:12:58
Use betadine. Dilute it with water. It should have the color of cognac. If you are allergic use gloves and be careful.  Peroxide should do good but sometimes it stings. I use a basic triple antibiotic ointment myself. I'm dealing with it myself. I've had jime fir over 3 yrs. I changed the substrate to an artificial mos. It did nothing hi incubate bacteria. Other than that if is gets worse see a vet to get the antibiotic shot.


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Andrew King


I can answer general questions on most species of snake and have deeper knowledge with caring and taming of Common/Red tail Boas, Royal 'Ball' Pythons and Corn Snakes. including, feeding, housing - temperatures, substrate, tank size, layout etc. - and common illnesses, their symptoms, causes and treatments. I am not too familiar with any venomous snakes so am probably unable to answer questions regarding them.


I own and have owned several snakes: Male Common Boa, Female Guyanan Red Tail Boa, Royal 'Ball' Python, a Male and Female Western Hognose, a Male Mexican Hognose and a Carolina Corn Snake. I have worked in an exotic pet shop, selling hundreds of different snakes from anaconda's to rattlesnakes for the past 2 years or so.

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