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B wrote at 2008-09-04 21:31:11
Well i just picked up a 1 month old corn snake from a local and trusted pet store,  he told me that it had a birth defect and showed me the kinks in the spine. i thought it was no big deal, he said it was eating regularly and was bigger than all the others in the group of hatchlings.  so i bought it for 20 bucks, figured it would be a good starter snake for me.  but now I'm worried that i might have gotten taken for a ride on this snake, will it not live as long as it should because of the kinks in its spine?  what risks are accompanied by owning one with these types of deformities

reptile man wrote at 2012-10-24 13:26:54
I had the same issue you have to feed him by hand this is what i did an he stopped hiding snd he actively comrs out put him on top of a log "the pinky"or where ever grab the snake closeto the end of the tail  an put his face  into or onto the pinkies head he will tryto get around from eating but do it for a bit he will also know humans from food now i have two biig  pythons   and corn snake i feed in there home but dont try unlessyour snake or snakes are fully tame my kids even pick him up while  the mice is in it all my snakes are tame


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