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Snakes/Brazilian Boa with little red spots on belly


my 1 & 1/4 year old Brazilian Boa had some dark redspots on it's belly. The spots are the size of Pepper or salt granules so very small.  Bedding is white paper towels and don't believe these are mites. since I am not seeing any signs of mites on bedding or in water bowl. The spots are not all the same shape almost look like little freckles.  She sites on top of a UV light very low set 24x7.  When I take her out of the tank when sitting directly over the lamp she feels barely warm. When she is on the other side of tank she feels cold.  So she isn't to hot.

Any thoughts to the sprinkling of red dots on her belly.

Alan, You have a case of mites and pretty bad. If you want to be thorough because they are a tough pest I would bug bomb your room. Do not leave him in there. Wipe everything down. His habitat needs to be bleached Everything. Stones or rocks I would boil for about an hour. He sounds pretty infested. Before you return him to your bleached tank let him soak in some water for a half hour or so so he hydrates well then spray him with a mite off spray. Do not put water in the tank for a few day so he can not wash the spray away. I would do this especially if you have other reptiles. If you want to try just spraying first I think he will get them again. Raise the temperature for a week and spray him for a week or as the directions say. The spray will follow the life cycle of your your pest. If you have any other questions please ask....and if possible if you can send a picture it would be great. Good Luck, Tina  


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