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Good day,
we had a 3 month corn snake that passed away yesterday. Her eating dropped slightly, but yesterday when we got home, it looked like she was trying to poo something out.  There was a little blood too.  She was also very stiff.  By the time we got to the Vet she had died.
This is very painful.  Do you have any idea why she would have died?  I just feel if I knew what went wrong it would help.



Sorry for the late response. With blood in the stool, the most likely cause I believe would be some sort of internal parasite. But you cannot know that for sure without a vet examining the dead reptile's remains, I am not a vet but that is my best guess from your description. Internal parasites just happen and she may have shown signs like not eating properly or not going to the bathroom on a regular basis. Don't think it was your fault, depending on the type of sickness or parasite there may have been nothing you could have done until it was too late. Sorry you lost your snake.


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