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Just fed my sons cornsnake a fuzzy.  Never seen this behavior before, but after he got i down, he had his head turned sharply to the right and it was almost vibrating or shaking every 10-20 seconds or so.  I thought maybe he was choking, so my son and i stood at the cage looking in and he struck at the glas 2-3 times, which he has never every done.  I read that these snakes can't choke.  Have you ever heard of this behavior before?


KK and son!

  Yes, in corn snakes particularity, it is a way of helping the food down. My kingsnake has done this before as well. No worries. As long as they get it pass their gullet and air hole, they cannot choke. However, they can be fed food that is too big for them causing them to die within 12 hours so make sure you never feed the snake any food bigger than the biggest part of his body in girth.


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