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I recently bought a snake an he told me its a ball python but now im not sure but we noticed hes been spending a lot of time in his water bowl he ate 2 days ago an seems to be fine temp is 82 an the hydrometer is on the way I was just wondering if this was an adequate habitat for now until he gets bigger

Zach, I am sorry to tell you this is not a Ball Python. It is however a beautiful and healthy Red Tail Boa. This particular snake will grow to about 10 feet. So you enclosure will be terribly inadequate soon. They do not tend to not get as thick an pythons. They have a great disposition....especially if you handle him often. Though do not after he or she eats and you can still see the food in her. I will send you a care sheet for it. I would say it is at least 6 months old. You can not stunt his growth with a feeding schedule you will just put him off feed. Good Luck, Tina


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I can answer questions regarding habitat, feeding, and care. Picking the right snake for you. A snake thats fits your space and expectations. The raising and handling of your pet. The characteristics most of them display (though they all have their own personality). I can also help with questions regarding egglaying and or the husbandry of these eggs. I can also help you with identification of a species if necessary.


I find that these are very misunderstood creatures but, can be very loyal and loving. I have worked in the petcare industry for around 20 years now. I do take unwanted snakes in and find suitable homes quite often. I personally have a 14 foot rare burmese. His name is Issac. I have had him since he was not even a foot long. He had to be force fed which I highly recommend not to do unless absolutely necessary. He weighs in at 120 lbs. He is about 10 years old now. I also have two ball pythons. I call them humpty and dumpty I adopted a couple years ago.

I have 20 years of dealing with all kinds of creatures on a daily basis. Reptiles and turtles are my specialty. I have a science background in college. People say my thing is fish but, my passion is turtles. Another misunderstood reptile!!!!!

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