i have owned snakes for about 7 years now i have had many different burms and boas and a few different venomous snakes - i know almost anything and everything about snakes except for one thing - i just can not understand hypo or super hypo??  i have talked to people and tried looking online but i just can not understand it - when i go to expos i see all snakes marked as hypo male or hypo female or super hypo - what does hypo mean??  some people tell me it has to do with breeding - some people tell me it has to do with color?? Can you please tell me in simplest terms what hypo is - i see stuffed marked hypo male that are completely different breeds? for example; i see a hypo red tail male and a hypo albino male? how can two snakes be the same thing?

Thank you


Here's how I would explain it. Hypo is short for hypomelanism, which simply means 'reduced black pigment.' It's just a special gene in the breeding that makes the snake lighter colored than normal. Now if you take 2 hypo snakes and breed them together you could produce a super hypo, not for sure, but you could, that just means their coloring is even brighter, making them more rare and more desirable to snake collectors. It is not the same thing as a 'Ghost' which I'm sure you have heard of. A 'ghost' snake is when a hypo (hypomelanism) and and antherythrism (no red pigment) are bred together. There is also Amelanism, or Amel is which means albino.

Simply put, it simply is a matter of color pigments, which are left out of the genes that are passed along to change the color of the snake depending on which you breed together, each more rare than the next, and color can vary through each breeding, making them unique and valuable.

I hope that was a good explanation for you, thanks!


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