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we have a 3-4 year old ball python and a red tail boa aobut 2 years old, we left and when to deer camp and while we was gone our power when out because of the sleet ans snow so it got really cold like in the 20's temp at night and it was off for 3 day before we found out it was off. to find ours snakes not moving to us they were dead, put them in the truck to warm them up because our lights was still not on. the little red tail got warm and started to move. the ball python it taken it a while before it would we just knew it was dead, but now it's not like it was before. it's been 4 days now and it dont like to be held like it's skin is sensitive to the touch it's not acting like it did before, love to be held I guess you can say it had a near death experience. will it ever be the same again or could there been some damage that happen to it. Thanks for you help.

I am sorry for the delay in answering, been spending time with the family. That is pretty cold for tropical snakes. I think that the snake did suffer nearly to the point of death. If you can get them to eat as normal, I believe with time, that they will come back to normal.


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