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Hi Adena,
 I have a very healthy and happy ball python, tonight when I came home my timer for her light had got stuck and stayed on and I found her basking in it which I don't see her do during the day. Now I know she is nocturnal,  but should I leave the heat lamp on at night for her when she is more active and off during the day while she sleeps, or stick to our normal day and night cycle.


I would stick to normal day and night cycle. If you want your snake to have heat in there at all times there are other ways to do that which I'm sure you're aware like with a heating pad and there is also nocturnal heat bulbs you can buy that usually glow a red. I would suggest not using a heat rock or anything she can put her skin directly on because often times that can cause serious burns. But, your snake knows the sun is out when you have it on and she will either come out in it or may find that it heats up the cage enough that she doesn't have to come bask directly in it to get the warmth she needs.

Do what you're doing already and she will come bask if she wants to, but keeping the normal cycle is best for snakes so they have a normal routine as they would in the wild.

Thanks for your question.


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