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I'm not sure if you can help me but I hope you can, I am taking care of a ball (royal) python that I believable is gravid, last night her stool was green very slimy it kind of looked like a few little round balls. I hope you can help I have picture of it although I don't know how to post it to you.

A healthy snake should be pooping solid brown/white clumps and they can have some liquid as well that will be brown in color. Green indicates a infection in the snake, especially if its excessively slimy and green. If the snake is or was gravid its likely she isn't anymore or she could be impacted with eggs that have caused a infection.

A infection in a snake does not happen over night so she had to have been ill for a while, some snakes will get over a illness with higher temps in their tank, others wont. But if she was gravid and the eggs are causing a infection, she can die if its been to long. I have a female that had stuck eggs and thankfully I was able to catch it (since she already had laid 2) and she had to be taken to the vet and cut open to save her.

If you are not the owner, I would just inform him/her about the stool and the possible infection (whether gastrointestinal or from eggs) and let him/her decide what to do for the snake. For now don't handle her at all and try not to bother her much either.

Also if she is under weight this can cause her to be ill, especially if breeding was attempted. If the owner has anymore questions I am happy to help, but in my opinion, if she begins to act weird, becomes lethargic, regurgitates food or continues to poop green/slime then I would have her looked at soon by a WELL known reptile/exotics vet.

I say this only because any vet will be happy to take your money and act like they know what they are doing, when really they have no clue and you have a 800$ bill and a dead snake because they didn't properly treat it. I have had a few snakes and one of my kinkajous die due to the vet just guessing so I would pay.  


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