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I have a juvenile red tail boa and I am taking an 8 hr trip for thanksgiving to return in a week 8 hr back. I don't have anyone to check on or care for her. Should I take her with? Can I transport her in a burlap sack, and if so should I add some subtstrate to help her keep warm to the sack? Also she just shed and I don't want to hurt her. Would it be better to take her with as I had planned or leave her at house. Please advise

I often go out of town and cant take all my snakes with me so they are left at the house. I make sure to clean and water them good and I have someone come check on them once while I am gone, but that is just because I have had issues with my heater over heating and it killed quite a few of my snakes. They are really not needy animals and as long as they are kept warm they can be left alone.

You can take her, I would wrap her in a pillowcase and tie it off, you will need a bin to keep her in while you are out of town and will need to keep constant heat on her. The low temps and stress are likely to cause her to have a respiratory infection. Let me know if you have anymore questions, but I would say she would be fine being left home for a week.


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