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I have an Amazon tree boa and I was having a hard time getting it to eat for about a month.  It finally ate an adult mouse yesterday.  The day that I got the snake it ate.  Then it ate again a week later.  Then I started doing these 10 degree night time temperature drops and it refused to eat for a month.  Yesterday I decided not to drop the temperature and left the basking spot at 88 degrees.  It ate!  My question is...are these temp drops necessary?  I mean if they are making the snake not want to eat at night then I feel I should stop...

ANSWER: No you do not have to drop the temps, its the same thing with colubrid snakes. Most people will drop their temps in the winter time because they are told to but that only needs to be done for breeding reasons and does nothing else for the snake. I don't even drop my colubrids but a few degrees to keep them from getting a respiratory infection.

So I would say just keep his temps constant so he continues to eat and does not come down with anything.

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QUESTION: I will stop.  Why do all the care sheets say that it is necessary?  I know that you are usually only to do this for breeding but all the care sheets say that it is necessary year round for these snakes and when breeding you need to drop the temps even lower.  Thank you for your help.

I have never followed care sheets but googled a few and they all tend to say you can drop the temps at night but its not needed. I keep my temps constant (except for when I breed) but I did email a guy in my herp club who breeds ATB's and GTB's and he drops his temps at night and he said if your tank is not properly set up it will throw the animal off.

You want the tank to be tall, so a normal 10 gallon set up wont work, I use special rack systems and bins so I don't run into these issues but he said he uses vivariums that are taller than they are wide. You will also want to use a good heat emitter and keep it as humid as possible in there. You also don't want a huge tank, you will have to upgrade as the snake grows and keep it in as small of a tank as you can. also since they are tree dwellers you will want to keep as many sticks, vines and leaves in there as you possibly can.  


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