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just bought a baby ball python 1 month ago and been having trouble keeping humidity. Pet store told me glass terranium but wasnt holding humidity. Just recently made plastic container for him and using a screen top with foil and tape on top with two big holes on top for ventilation. Im using zilla bark blend and moss for substrate, he has a hide and big water bowl.I spray the container with water and the moss and the walls, dont want to make the bark to wet for him. Dont know how long he is but the aquarium was a 20 gallon and when he stretch he is about that size. In the plastic container the humidity is at 50% or sometimes a little above it but goes down. And im worried cause his eyes turned blue 3 days ago and now he is clearing up and i dont want him to have a bad shed. I know it should be 60% and up during shedding what could i do. and i also use the 75 watt red bulb at night for heat i dont yet have a heat pad.

Here is a great thread on the subject. In short, I simply like the idea of covering the biggest part of the lid, that is where you are losing all your humidity.

Anyway, read this as well:


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