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i have a dwarf crawl caye i tried feeding her sunday but she wasnt intersted i thought this was due to her haveing cloudy  eyes a sign of shedding but she hant shed amd her eyes are back to normal but the has done a really big poo  i tried to go see her she was very agressive but she wont eat still her viv is at the right temperature i have tried it all but nothing please help


Do you feed her outside of her enclosure? If not, I find this is the best way to feed snakes. I've had snakes that would not eat in their cage but once I removed them and put them into an empty box or container with their food, they would eat just fine. Let me know if you do this or not.


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I grew up on a reptile farm in Florida where my dad bred, raised and sold many kinds of reptiles, mainly snakes and gained much knowledge from this. The experience sparked my own fascination for snakes, which I now own two of my own and constantly capture wild snakes to study for certain periods of time.

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