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Jennifer wrote at 2013-03-11 20:40:40
Red Tailed Boa owner here, I'm not an expert in red tails by far, but my husband and I recently moved up from ball pythons and got our first Red Tailed boa in September of last fall, and we had a similar situation. He had an eye cap (the scale over his eye) that was stuck on his eye since we got him (or at least, that's what we believed happened). We noticed it on our way home from a reptile show. It is quite cloudy and recently, his past 2 sheds were perfect and the layer over the eye came off, but is still milky and he can't see well out of that particular eye.

At first, we went to 3 separate well experienced breeders, and had no luck trying to remove or figure out why his eye is like that. To our knowledge, he is just fine. He eats like a champ, defecates regularly, and is overall a healthy snake. And yes, his bad eye is slightly slightly smaller than his good eye.

So long story short, as long as your snake is eating, pooping, and shedding just fine, then he should be okay. I would still see a vet or expert to be safe.

If I could give any temporary recommendations, keep him in a very humid area (like a small cage with a large water bowl and some just damp sphagnum moss, keeping it moist) until his next shed. Once he sheds, see if the shrunken eye is due to a stuck eye cap, preventing humidity to reach his eye and is drying it out.

Best of luck!!!!


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