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Ok,My baby red tail was shipped to a reptile show on 2/9,went back to the breeders facility on the 12th than shipped out to me on the 15th.when she arrived she had R.I,its clearing up some.They told me they fed her the wedsnday day before they shipped her to me.they were feeding her hopper mice,I tried to feed her a large adult mice which is the same size as her gerth.She was not interested at all,frozen thawed of coarse the facilty said.I had to keep her in a sterilelite tub,cause my enclosure for her was delayed,so I got it tuesday and she's been in it since.any suggestions on getting her to eat?

  We already know the snake had or has an RI. That alone will keep them from eating. I detest buying from a reptile show unless they are willing to show you that the snake is eating. My first suggestion is to take the snake to a vet now and get the RI cleared up. Lincomicyn injections work well. Secondly, retry frozen / thawed and if that does not work, supervise a live feeding to see if that will spark her interest.


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