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Snakes/red tail boa enclosure question


I have a question about my red tail boa's terrarium. The snake, Naomi, is now 3.5 ft long and too big for her current terrarium... We had been keeping her in an aquarium I once used for fish. My husband is currently building her a much larger terrarium for her to have for life, hopefully. The outside is already built and only the inside needs to be completed. The dimensions are about 6ft tall, 4.5 ft wide, 2ft depth. The style and look resembles a China cabinet as it will be in the living room. Now to my concern. The front of it has a large sheet on glass on the door which swings open just like a China cabinet. it is key latched, but I worry for the glass. It is not safety glass, its just regular glass. My husband for whatever reason used regular glass. I have two house cats who mean the world to me. When the snake gets full grown, will she be able to shatter the glass? My husnand and I have argued over this. Please settle the debate.


Thanks for your question. I just consulted my dad on this one because he had a reptile farm and built their enclosures by hand all the time. He tells me that as long as the glass is at least 1/4" thick it should be just fine. I imagine it was the snake striking at the cats and possible breaking through you were worried about correct? He said he would always use plexiglass to be safe but 1/4" thick should be unbreakable even for a full grown boa.


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