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Hi I have a question with reticulated python humidity.  I know they get pretty big and I'm willing to build a large enclosure.  Right now its is still youn it's four feet and its in a old fish tank and I built a lid on top of the fish tank the fish tank in a 180 72 1/2 x 24 1/2 x 25 5/8.    I use two basking lights on one side, I took a turtle tub and cut a hole on its side and flipped it upside down, there is a water bowl some climbing wood, and I use paper towels as substrate.  I was wondering what the humidity levels will be? Also how can I keep the humidity high in there?  What do owners use to keep humidity up in tropical snake tanks?  Do they use a spray system like they use for chameleons or is that too much water.  Also is their any good sites that show how to build large tanks for snakes that you know of?  

Thank you for your time.

Hi Thomas,
Let's take these questions one by one.
1 You need humidity of 60-70 percent.
2. Keep humidity high by using a large water dish and partially covering the top with something solid, something other than screen.
3. Heat and a big water bowl should do it. You do not want it too wet or the snake can develop scale rot.
4. A spray system is too much.
5. I always like to custom design my housing. My main enclosure has 12 compartments and is 72"X36X60, but I do not keep giant snakes. If I were housing a retic, I would make its enclosure alone at least 4'X5'X36. Use finished wood that is sealed or plastic to avoid mold. I am not aware of sites that show you how to do it, but if you google retic housing, I bet you can find some good pics that will give you a lot of ideas.


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