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hi, i have had my Carolina corn snake Pandora for 3 weeks now and she has been no problem, eats frozen small mice fine and poops fine, she is 8 months old, she is fed every Wednesday, i went to feed her tonight same time as usual, i offered the mouse and she started acting strange, she sat with her mouth open for a while then brought up a pinky browny mess, this was before she touched the new mouse! she pooped fine  3 times on different occasions after last weeks meal so i don't understand what she brought up, she then had no interest in the new mouse so i put her back in her tank and she is roaming around quite happy now,thank you

Puking in snakes is NEVER good.  I'd suggest you fine a qualified reptile vet and have them do a fecal float test to check for parasites.

I'm curious as to what you want for an answer.  Would you like me to misdiagnose your snake from 4000 miles away?  I'm not a vet and never claimed to be one.  Your snake is in need of medical attention which is what I suggested.  Not only did I recommend a reasonable course of action, I even suggested which test to perform.  If you want your snake to survive I'd suggest you take it to a vet and quit looking for a quick fix on the Internet.


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