QUESTION: So the facility said give her till monday and they'll replace or refund my money.I would feel better if she would eat something!2 nights ago I thawed out a mouse cut a hole to make it bleed dangled it over her,she showed interest,struck at it dropped it and lost interest.Would it be wise to supervise a live feeding?If she eats is this a good sign,this will decide if we stick it out or send her back.Another question how are central boa attitudes?

Jason and Pink

ANSWER: I would not feed live at all, if she has never eaten it she could grab the mouse wrong and it can chew on her or scratch her before you can even react. Try pre killed, buy live and kill it right before you feed her. You really can't make her eat though, even if my snakes are sick I offer food once a week and either they eat or they don't. A meal can actually male them more weak due to their difficult digestion. And wait at least 3 days before offering food again, if you just constantly try and bug her she will stres and just not eat at all. When my boas go off food I typically don't worry, they can go off food for over a month and I will still feel fine and generally they will just randomly decide to eat again on their own, with my ball pythons that go off I use a prekilled gerbil and it works everytime. I have never tried one on a boa before, but If you try it, don't kill it by holding it's tail and wacking it. Their tails just slip right off.
        Honestly if she has not been off food for more that a month I wouldn't worry at all, she was stressed from the move and is stressed from being sick and  unless the vet checked her mouth out, she could very well have sores in there. Any snake with a respiratory that I have ever come across has not eaten till they really start to clear up. So again I wouldn't really worry about it, she knows when she wants to eat and when she can't eat. You can keep force feeding her but not pinkies, that's a waste of stressing he out. But in my opinion I would leave her alone.
     As for any snake attitude, it depends on the snake really. I have about 20 blood pythons, they are said to be a really bad tempered snake, with all the snakes I have they are only handled once a week and most of my bliss are big puppy dogs and then I have some that do nothing but strike. Same with my boas, ball pythons and retics. I have a 14 foot retic that I have had for quite some time now and I handled her daily and to this day she is horribly mean. So I'd say it's better to ignore their reputations and go off how each individuals behavior is. But most boas are typically little brats when small and if handled properly they can be puppy dogs

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QUESTION: Hi again,so I left her alone since thurs.I am off work today,so I figured I'd try feeding her a small adult mouse(frozen) I bought lastweek.I dangled it over her head and she snatched and constricted it.She ate it tail first,which is strange,but hey she ate it!Her RI is still there she does some clicks still.Her tongue still sticks a little bit and I notice when stretched out she sways a little is this apart of IBD,maybe a side effect of the baytril and fortaz?I have one shot of fortaz to complete her treatment.Mind you her first shot was by the vet on feb 25th.what's your opinion stick it out or send her back?

ANSWER: You have come this far so I would stick it out till her treatments are done. I wouldn't worry about ibd until she shows more signs of it. Such as bad shedding, no eating at all or regurging when she eats, star gazing, head tilt, bad wobble. These are all pretty much sure signs of it. She's pretty drugged up and weak so just give her some more time.  Thankfully she ate for you, so she must be feeling better. Just keep her heat and humidity up and see how she does

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QUESTION: Ok,she's gotten better since my last question,she shed about 2 wks ago,it wasn't a good one,she still had some left on her head and eye caps,well its still on her eyes,will this come off next shed or should I try removing it?(I have put shed-ease on her.


I got the warmside around 95,she stay on the coolside which is. Around 78.

The bad shed could just be due to low humidity still, personally I dont like shed ease, to me warm water works just as good and saves you money. never leave stuck shed on her, especially her eyes. It can cause blindness very easily. I was given a beautiful platinum tiger retic a few years back and I didnt know it till I saw her but her owner left years worth of tail shed on her and her tail was basically rotting off. So stuck shed is no good if its on for more than 2 sheds.
   As for her body, find a plastic container that you can ruin that will hold her, if you dont have one then the open tub works just fine but she may have a panic attack and try and fly out of it. If you use a plastic tub poke a couple holes on each side for breathing. Fill whatever you use with just enough water to barely cover her body. If you make it to deep she will just swim around ( which doesnt really hurt her), you want the water to be barely warm to you. Place her in it and let her soak in it for about 15-20 minutes. then usuing your hand you should be able to make a ring with it or your fingers and either let her slide through or you slide them down her and the shed should very easily come off. Just like a sock, if it does not easily come off them soak again in new water or just leave it till next shed.
  As for her eye shed thats the hard part, She would need to be put in as humid of a place as possible. I usually have empty bins that I place paper towel in and then I heat them up good and spray ALOT of warm water in there and let it start to get really foggy on the sides. Then I take a wet q-tip and I very very gently try and lift and get it off the eye. I always hate doing this because it can hurt their eye but thankfully I have not had that problem yet. If there are any good exotic pet shops near by, usually if you ask them they will keep her and soak her to get her eye cap off if you do not feel comfortable doing it. I would call first so you dont waste a trip somewhere.If not then try on your own.
    Id get the eye caps off then try feeding her in a few days to keep her getting better. Hopefully shes getting there.  


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