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Ms. Amber,
    Hi once again.So I was researching more on RI and I found a forum talking about nebulization.I found them using F10 and albuterol(I used this when I was younger for asmatha!)Could I use this for aid,since ri and asmatha are  pretty much the same illness?ever heard of this?


I have heard of a few people using different types of asthma meds on their snakes as a desperate last resort for their RI, but most either were uneffective or cause more harm to the snake due to over dosage. Personally I would not use it, I was against the vicks treatment until I spoke to tracy at VPI and she told me they used it and it worked great. Even then I was worried I would find a dead snake after the treatment was done because that stuff was strong.
  Like anything, it can have a good out come or a bad, and its different for everyone. I know alot of people that soak their snakes in tea tree oil to remove mites and they have never had a issue with it and I also know some people who did the same thing and it killed their snake.
 Using any human product you are taking a risk with the animal unless its 100% proven that its not toxic and you can find a proper dosage, plain steam will work just as good. Asthma is more of a re occuring issue where a RI is just due to lack of proper temps, humidity and of course infection (which antibiotics should kill) so to me it does not seem beneficial enough for the snake.
  I have not actually sat and read alot of info on this subject, if I do I will let you know what my opinion is after that. But just hearing stories from a few breeders I know I would be cautious to try it on a snake.


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