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So I don't bombard you with tons questions on boa genetics,being I have lots of them is there somewhere you can direct me to for further knowledge??I am looking to breed boas starting with 4 snakes:females-salmon het 100% albino(already have) and ghost het 100% moon glow(in contact with breeder)Males:albino?Any suggestions on the 2nd male?I am looking to get into the high end morphs and read the ghost/anery is a good starting point,is it?One last question can you breed any 2 boas such as a columbian and say a hogg island?


Get a standard high school Biology book and keep reading the chapter on genetics until you can do the Punnett squares on your own.  Then talk to the breeders about how to make the morphs you are interested in.  Make sure to question the genetics of the trait itself.  Is it dominant/recessive or is it incompletly dominate (sometimes the industry calls this "co-dom")?  Once you understand the inheritability of the indiviual traits then you can do your own Punnett squares to show what you might produce.  

As to the second part: you shouldn't be able to... BUT, this industry has shown time and time again it is possible (maybe not easy, but possible).  Look up "jungle corns" and read about how they were produced.


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