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Kevin L. Ogle,
    I've got a juvenile ball python, and after about 15 days of getting it, I noticed that a part of the python is slightly weird looking from the other scales on his body. Is it shedding or should it be treated? Another thing; how do you know if the ball python have ticks? It's skin is covered with black dots, specially the tail. It might be the marking, but I'm not sure. The python is about 20 in and the enclosure I keep him in is a 10 gallon tank with 70% humidity and 80 f. I will send a photo with this message. I hope you will answer back soon.
         Thanks, from Jon

Hello Jon from Texas and thanks for the photos. That skin abnormality is either part of a bad shed from last time or a burn. If you are using a heat rock or an undertank heater, be careful and insulate it some from the snakes skin.

If the black dots come off, you have snake mites. Google snake mite treatment and go from there. Basically, you have to clorox the enclosure and use invermec on the snake itself.


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