i saw a snake in my backyard it has a shiny gold color to it i know the black one are harmless but this one not black i just wanna know is it a deadly snakes because i have two small children. i am by myself and sorry to say i don't like snakes and since i have seen it i have not been in the backyard please help let me know what to do..... thank you!

Sounds like a pinewoods or a florida brown snake, those are the only native snakes to florida that have any sort of gold. But there are alot of non native species popping up there so no one can say for sure that yes it was one of these snakes. If you see it again just look at the head, if its narrow and round or slim then its non venemous. If its venemous it will have a very distinct triangle shaped head and if you get clos enough you will be able to see venom glands raised behind their eyes.
  I dont believe this snake was venemous, if you go to google and type in the snakes I listed, look at the pictures. If its one of these snakes then I wouldnt worry at all, non venemous snakes will not try and bother you like venemous ones will. They just want a hold to live in, water and some food to eat. If it stays around then you have all these things for him at your home. But like I said, I really wouldnt worry to much. We have a ton of non venemous snake breeds around our place and we really only see them at night. Our son loves trying to catch them but they know they have no real defense against us and they try and run and hide.
  Let me know if its not those snakes so I can try and figure out what it is.


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