Hi I have a 4 year old albino corn snake orange , white an yellow. she goes to the vet regularly. she has  been giving great care as she is part of the family, how ever I just noticed a couple of scales on her under belly at her tail are turning very dark in color. and one of them is indented. almost look as if they are rotting ???. she does not have them any where else.. Could you please give me some insight on this. wile im waiting for the vet. thank you steve

It very well could be scale rot, I would look up some pics and compare it since I cant see her belly. What substrate is she on? For colubrids I prefer aspen shavings, if she is on these then she should not have scale rot. Could she have been burned by a heat pad? Or it could be a fungus but like scale rot, that would be from to wet and dirty of an enviornment. So if her enviornment is clean and mostly dry then I wouldnt worry. Is she due to shed soon? If so check on her after she sheds, alot of the time the shedding will get rid of any weird scales and the issue goes away.

I would wait till she sheds unless it worsens, spreads or causes her discomfort, then I would get her looked at.  


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