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I am thinking about getting a snake and I own 4 rabbits. My smallest rabbit is 2 lbs. and there safety is my top priority. I am wondering if the is a snake species that could not kill or seriously injure a 2 lb. rabbit if it should somehow escape?
Thank You!

For starters you do NOT want them anywhere near eachother, if they are even in the same room it can cause your snake to be aggressive. Not because they are mean, but he will be constantly smelling food and will bite what ever moves. I really dont advise getting snakes if you own rodents, to many people have issues with their snakes biting them all the time due to the smell of rodent always being on them and in the air.
 If you really want to try one out I would go for any kind of corn snake, they usually dont constrict like a boa or ball python and they are very docile and the cheapest snake to buy and care for. They are not picky eaters like a ball python and dont need high heat like a ball either. They are also, like I said, very docile and easy to handle. I would not at all suggest a king snake, alot of people thing that they are similar to a corn snake but they are not even close, they get alot bigger and are very food aggressive, I have been bit by more kingsnakes than all the other snakes combined. It would be very hard for a corn to kill a rabbit, even a adult. A adult ball python might be able to, depending on the size of the snake. I have a female that is large enough to, but most dont get that large.
 Honestly I would look into corn snakes. Let me know if you have any more questions about snake breeds or corns in general


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