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I have been caring for my son's very large albino Burmese python for the last year and all was going well until now.  He had a regular shed and about 2 weeks later he started shedding individual scales.  not dropping scales and exposing skin, just individual shed. As he is over 9 ft long you can imagine the number of scales!  I cleaned his enclosure, added new coconut husk substrate.  there was no redness until about 4 days ago. I sprayed him with the same anti-bacterial, anti-fungal spray that we had gotten for him as directed once before.  as his enclosure is a little small for him right now ( materials for new enclosure have been purchased)I have been letting him roam in an extra bathroom I have.  I have been filling the tub with regular tap water and letting him loose. I would put mineral oil in the water when he would seem dry. he is still eating just this pinkness has appeared and I don't know if I should worry or get him antibiotic injections?  I could upload an image tomorrow if necessary.

a pic would be helpful if you can get it, but it sounds like the start of scale rot. Coconut husk holds ALOT of moisture, to much for burms. I use newspaper or aspen (aspen only) shavings for my big snakes. I would keep him away from all moisture, put him on paper towels and keep him as dry as possible for a couple of weeks. I would even opt for a small water bowl to keep him from soaking in it. Scale rot is usually hard to cure but with a few of my snakes I have had luck with keeping them dry and adding 2-3 degrees more heat and they almost always heal by next shed. If you can send me the pics and I will be able to tell if its scale rot, try keeping him dry for now. If it worsens within the week I would have him looked at. There isn't much you can put on snakes for scale rot, if that's what it is, but its best to catch it sooner rather than once it has spread to their sides and underbelly.  


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