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Snakes/cornsnake not shedding


Help me my cornsnake is about 13-6 inches long he is kept in a ten gallon tank but I will soon move him into a larger one he has a basking lite and a nightlite his enclosure is 70-80 degresd and I have tried keeping the humidity level 70% or more I fed him but he could not get the extra small pinky mouse farther than when he stopped sheeding (behind the head) I have tried everything its been 3 weeks he is kept on aspen and has things to climb on like cork bark and a hide qnd water dish not tap help!""

I am afraid I don't understand, Is he having trouble eating? And with him being so small I would keep him in a 10 gallon till he is 2 feet. With snakes, the smaller the enclosure the better. Now you don't want a 5 foot snake in a 20 gallon, but being reasonable the smaller the better. It allows you to keep the heat and humidity easier and it makes them feel more secure. Some peoples snakes even go off food when moved to a larger tank so I would wait till he is about 2 feet to move him and move him to a 20 long tank, no bigger.


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