i would like to ask if you could identify this snake i seen.It had a silver under body and a goldish color on the back of its head.Its back was light brown with dark brown spots on it.the spots were about dime size and and ramdonly place on its back. and it was about 30 in long.My friend thinks its a snake from mexico. He thinks it was a snake named coralijo. But i couldnt find a picture of it.Message back soon please.

Without a picture its hard to properly identify any snake. But with what you told me it could be a number of snakes, quite a few are marked and patterned like this and only a few small details tell them apart. But it was likely a garter or rat snake and was non venomous. But just to be safe done bother it if you see it again.
   If you see it again send me a pic if you can and I could help you a little better.


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