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Hello. I`m in the process of writing about the 3 most venous snakes in the world and was wondering if you could assist.
Much appreciation in advance

  The 3 most venomous snakes in the world is subjective. You have to decide your formula, are you considering toxicity only or toxicity + venom yeild, or both + aggressiveness to make the most dangerous snake in the world? I suggest you take it all into account and write on the most dangerous snakes in the world. Here is a link to the Lethal Dose 50 list. Use the top 3 off of this, google them and there should be plenty of information there for you.


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I can answer almost any question regarding snake husbandry, feeding, general care, handling, etc. I have some experience with geckos and bearded dragons. I cannot answer questions regarding breeding or venomous reptiles.


I have over 10 years experience in snake husbandry. Currently, I have the following (Children's Python, Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Western Hognose, Olive Python, 2 Macklot's Pythons, D'Albert's Python, 2 Carpet Pythons, 2 Royal (Ball) Pythons, California King, Green Tree Python, Amazon Tree Boa). While I have no formal training in Herpetology, I can help most folks keep their snakes healthy and happy.

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