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Snake pictue
Snake pictue  
We found a small snake in our yard and we need help figuring out if it could be dangerous to children.

hmmm, I have never seen one colored like that, but it looks to me to be a garter snake, possibly a odd colored eastern garter. The snake itself does not look venomous and garters are non venomous. He has a egg shaped head (venomous snakes have a triangular head), he does not have venom glands and its harder for me to see but he appears to have rounded pupils, venomous snakes have cat like pupils.
 I would not worry about him, I would not advise letting anyone play with him though. If you still have him caught you can take and drop him off somewhere in a field or near a pond. They like water, if you leave him he will hang around till his food source is gone but he wont bother anyone. They generally come out around dusk and will run from any human.  


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