Help with snake mites please?
I have 2 snakes, a red tail boa and a ball python, both of which have gotten mites.

1 week ago I cleaned their enclosures and decorations with clorox and boiling water, let it sit outside for over 6 hours while I let my snakes soak in warm water.

About 3 days later I noticed they still had mites so I did the same thing again.

Today, again, they still have mites!!!!

So this time I bought some mite spray from petsmart. I have cleaned their enclosure and then hosed it down with the spray and am currently letting it sit while again they are soaking in lukewarm water.

I was inspecting the snakes and can see the mites inside the grooves around their mouths, I tried to get a qtip to get them out but I can't. I don't want to hold them underwater they might drown, how can I get the mites out of their grooves? (I can't remember the name, heat sensor things??)

OK, two things.  To treat the snakes find a plastic container large enough to hold each of them.  Place the snake in the enclosure and then thoroughly coat them (head to tail) with olive oil.  Close the lid and let them sit in there for 10-20 minutes.  Rinse with warm soapy water.  You can treat the room they are in with either lice bedding spray or a no pest strip (I think D-CON still makes them) if you use the no pest strip leave it in the room but at least 4 feet away from either snake.  If you use the spray rinse the enclosure before returning the snake.


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