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Hey i was wondering i just purchesed my first snake a ball python about 2 and a half feet and i wanted to have some advice. First all im gonna be purchasing a showcase cage and a 80 watt rhp the cage ill be using is about 48" by 28" by18" is a rhp good enough to keep temps all around the cage around 80? I have a heater in my room keeps the air about 75 80. I have him in a glass tank atm and having problems keeping temps and humdity up to where i want them. So purchasing this tank will let him grow to a adult with good space n ive read it works very well for temps and humidity. Just wanted some feedback if i need flexwatt or a uth as well as the rhp to keep temps up as it is a big pvc cage. Thanks for your time.

If it is a male BP then he is basically an adult, males slow down their growth and really don't grow much more after they are older than 2 or 3. They will grow, but mostly in girth and their length will be at a snails pace and may not even be at all (depending on how they are fed). Any snake over 1 should only be fed once a week and the meal should be just slightly larger than the fattest part of the snakes body.

As far as housing and temps go, I have never really used tanks for BP's so I couldn't promise anything. But you will want to keep his temps around 85-88 and high humidity (I keep mine at 62). Everyones system is different so you will just have to try it and see.

A friend of mine has almost the same set up for his retics as I do, only difference is he has a rack system from a different company. But we both have the same heating system and no matter what he did his heat would never stay where is was supposed to be and it was because of the racks he had.

I would say it will work, you may have to cover part of the top to keep heat and humidity in, but just check it several times a day and see if it stays warm and constant.


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