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Snakes/Snake Killing Mice But Won't Eat Them


Hi so I'm very worried about my rosy boa. It's about 3 years old and it hasn't eaten in about 2 months.. how much longer can it go without eating? It's never refused mice for this long before, I bring it 2 mice every 2 weeks and these last 2 months it's been killing them but it doesn't eat them. Usually it either eats them or it doesn't kill them at all. Should I take it to the vet? Any idea what's wrong with it? Also, I have noticed the top of its eyes are gray. It's eyes have been gray for a while as well. How can I make it eat again? Well, hopefully it starts eating again soon, thanks for the help.

Well you should not be feeding live at all, I cant tell you how many snakes I have seen chewed up and or killed from feeding live. Even if you sit and watch, the mouse usually bites the snake if its grabbed wrong and this can lead to a bad infection. I would feed pre killed.

Snakes can go months without food, as long as they have water, and when hungry enough they will eat. Just keep offering food, if he does not eat then freeze the mouse and only thaw it once.. after that throw it away.

Just to be sure take a good look at the snakes head and in the mouth, be gentle when opening it. Look around for any scabs, sores or inflamed areas. If you see any of these things then that could explain why he is not eating, then he has mouth rot and will need to see a vet.

Also the bluing of the eyes should be due to shed, if he shed recently or if they are just always like that then its likely stuck shed, you should be checking each shed to make sure the eye caps come off.

Stuck eye caps can cause infection and blindness to the snake, if they are stuck caps a WELL experienced breeder or keeper needs to remove them, not your local guy at petco. If done wrong it can also cause blindness.

Check for these issues and if he does not have any of the above, and he does not have any other signs of a illness, then I would just recommend offering him food as usual and I wouldn't hold or bother him to much until he does eat.


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