QUESTION: my 17' albino burmese python main diet is large rabbits,ducks,and chickens. Is there anything else I can feed him because he stopped eating rats at 9-10'. And every time I let him out to roam a bit he keeps climbing all over me and coils around me? I keep putting him down somewhere else but he comes back, its cold now where I live but my room stay warm. Also since he climbs a lot now can I add more height to his cage its 13'(L)x4-5'(W)x3'(H). And can I add a pond how I did for my adult water monitor?

ANSWER: I'm so jealous... Had to give up my burms.  FL made it nearly impossible to keep them anymore.  You could consider small pigs, I did that once.  Interesting to watch not fun to clean up 3 weeks later... WOW!!! (3 rolls of paper towels)

As to the caging, absolutely make it as big as possible and add the pond. In all reality, at 17 feet, the snake needs a room size enclosure.  AND at 17 feet, regardless of how much you trust the snake, you should NEVER handle it alone!  

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QUESTION: Until I move my mom said I had to keep the all in my room and I have a redtail,water and savannah monitor,chinese water dragons not to mention the tegu so my nice size room went to them but what dimensions should the cage have? Yeah truth is I'm only 18 and a girl so noone in my family like these animals and I can't ask my friends because my burm and water monitor attacks people if their not use to their scent. My monitor bit my friend on the hand but I warned him so he went to the hospital for stitches a couple of minutes later.

Probably nothing smaller than 8x4 if the snake is truly 17 foot.  Please remember that when people get hurt or killed by our reptiles that makes it harder for us and others to own them in the future.  If you can't reasonably take care of the animal you should seek someone who can.  I'm 6'3" 275 and I wouldn't handle a 17 footer alone...  BE CAREFUL!!!


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