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I have a jungle carpet python and I feed him 1 mice at first but he still looked kind of active so I feed him another mice. since then he has been a lot more active. usual he'll go hide somewhere or bask in light but now everytime I move close to his tank he'll come up to glass and watch what im doing. does this have to do with temperature?? (I changed his light from 60w to 100w last week)

Well the watts don't matter, it's the hot spot and ambient temps that matter. But no that has nothing to do with temps. They are normally pretty active and aggressive snakes. I would just say it is coincidence. Snakes don't ever bond to their owners not do they really act in a way to where they are interested in humans.

If it was to hot he would be trying to hide from the heat. If it was to cold he would be under the lamp all the time. He could just be focused on movement and be hunting. But again not anything odd.  


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