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Snakes/anus irritation


Hi Amber,
My male ball python is almost two years old, but I have noticed recently that the skin around his anus seems red and irritated.  He is still eating and acting normally, and there has been no blood in his faeces, but it has been quite dry in comparison to other times.
I also found some yellow coloured substance in his faeces. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Well if the scales are irritated, it could be due to excessive stuck shed in that area, a infection or scale rot ( but that is sort of a odd place for rot to pin point itself). If it is actual meat looking skin, then it is likely a prolapse and needs to be treated ASAP. It can not dry it if that is what it is.

Sometimes they will poop in more of a clump, it wont be runny at all but should still appear "shiny" in a sense. If it is really dry then he needs to be seen for any dehydration or parasites.

It is normal to have white or yellow mixed in, that is their urine. If it is globby like mucous for more than a few poops then I would take him to be seen, again could be a infection or parasite.

You can try soaking him in luke warm water for a few minutes every other day, let him lay in it, dont make it to where he has to swim.

Check the red area, if it is scales then ensure there is no stuck shed, place him on paper towels instead of whatever substrate you have him on. If it gets worse in a week or if you think it is meat and not his scales then he needs to be seen.  


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