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hello. i have read online that their are "snake sausages" that are healthy enough for snakes to eat and i was curious if it would be ok for a boa or a python or even a corn snake to eat. please email me back at  

  I am torn on this issue. On one hand, how can you make a better food source than nature provides? On the other Dr.Bill Haast used something similar to this that he made himself, but he had a PHd and knew what he was doing probably better than someone trying to sell the stuff. If it was me, I would stick to good ole rats, quail, chicks, and mice. Snakes are loved and expensive creatures, just like dogs. Why risk it?


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I can answer almost any question regarding snake husbandry, feeding, general care, handling, etc. I have some experience with geckos and bearded dragons. I cannot answer questions regarding breeding or venomous reptiles.


I have over 10 years experience in snake husbandry. Currently, I have the following (Children's Python, Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Western Hognose, Olive Python, 2 Macklot's Pythons, D'Albert's Python, 2 Carpet Pythons, 2 Royal (Ball) Pythons, California King, Green Tree Python, Amazon Tree Boa). While I have no formal training in Herpetology, I can help most folks keep their snakes healthy and happy.

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