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Hi I have two ball pythons a king snake and a ghost snake. My one (female) python eats constantly. But my male hasn't eaten in almost 2 months. They are in the same cage and are suppose to be mates. When I try and feed him he seems interested but the gets like scared of it. I have both of them for over a year now and never had this problems. I was thinking it is because of the weather. It's winter now and just wanted to get an experts advice thank you

It is really pretty common for ball pythons to randomly go off food, I have some that will go off it for 6 months for no reason at all and one day just decide they want to eat again. If it is one of my breeders I will either force feed them or will feed them a gerbil, but I do not recommend you force feeding, if done wrong you could kill the snake very easily.

If you are feeding live I also do not recommend that, if the snake has been bit by the food before it can cause serious infection or can even cause the snake to just not want to eat for a while. Just keep offering him food until he eats again, you will wind up buying a lot of food that he does not eat but that is really the best thing to do. If you buy a feeder and decide to freeze it, only freeze and thaw it once After that it is no good.

Also do not try to feed him a soft fur, he will most likely get hooked on those and then you are stuck spending 10$ every meal and there really is no way to get them off of those.

Since it is winter you should have bumped the heat up a few degrees in their tank. I would also separate them, it is not smart to feed 2 snakes in the same bin or cage nor do they need to be kept together. snakes are solitary animals except for breeding and keeping 2 together can wind up causing more issues ( with feeding, illness and mites).

The odds of them breeding are very slight unless they are ran though proper cycling, but just to prevent it I would separate them. Especially if they are normal, you will have a hard time selling the babies for more than 5$ a piece due to the fact that people give normal ball pythons away now.  


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