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QUESTION: I have a 19 month old male western hognose snake name Noser that shed on Feb 10, 2014  but he had difficulty shedding the last centimeter or so of his tail. His tail now has white scales, I've been using a betadine/water soak & then applying triple antibiotic ointment, it looks a little better, Is there anything else I can do at home, I can send a picture.

ANSWER: Hi Bea! Noser is a cute snake. I just lost my 8 year old W. Hognose named Moet. That triple antibiotic ointment is based in mineral oil. Just keep applying that to Noser's tail and he will shed the end soon or with the next full shed. Up the humidity just a bit in his enclosure all the time. Sure is a cute snake!

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QUESTION: Thanks Kevin, I think Noser is cute also, tho I may be a bit partial :-). I'm sorry for the lost of your Moet. How do I increase the humidity because currently he is only on paper due to the tail issue, his water bowl is only big enough  for him to drink from, should I add another bowl?

  Yes, I would get a water bowl big enough for him to soak in. You can always wet some sphagnum moss (that stuff is expensive) or just mist him down a few times per day.

If you are interested in a supersized hognose, this make great pets as well.


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