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Snakes/"Beginner" snakes that aren't common?


Corn Snakes, Milk Snakes, King Snakes and Royal Pythons are the golden 4 that everything and everyone advertises as “the ideal beginner snakes”. However, I’m not interested in the first three and, while a Royal Python should be perfect(since it’s chunky and lazy), they are known to be fussy eaters and less forgiving in terms of novice mistakes.

I’ve tried asking online for help before but have, unfortunately, been given very bad answers, e.g – “Green Tree Pythons and Red-Tailed Boas are the best!”

So I was wondering if, as a professional, you had any knowledge of other, more realistic snakes for me to take a look at? Any help will be much appreciated!

well I agree with you on those four being not ideal choices. and I definitely agree with red tail boa being a bad answer because I find them to be quite aggressive. I would say the perfect beginners snake that's not any of those would be a ball python. I had a ball python for years they're very docile not aggressive whatsoever which is especially ideal as they get bigger. I never had any problems finding it nor did I have any health issues with it, I just gave mine away because I went into the military and could no longer care for it. that would be the ideal beginner snake in my opinion, even for kids.


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I can answer questions about what kind of snake to buy and what to look for in terms of health. How to determine gender, what to feed, types of snakes and behaviors. I can answer questions regarding catching snakes, handling venomous, venomous knowledge questions. I cannot answer questions regarding breeding or hatching or health questions that should be answered by a vet, I have no medical knowledge on snakes other than simple health questions.


I grew up on a reptile farm in Florida where my dad bred, raised and sold many kinds of reptiles, mainly snakes and gained much knowledge from this. The experience sparked my own fascination for snakes, which I now own two of my own and constantly capture wild snakes to study for certain periods of time.

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