I have 2 snakes and before I put them both in the same viv because it was huge one layer eggs last year and they were infertile so I binned them. Now I came into my room today 4/7/14 to do a daily clean and they were both wedged into a small hut so I lifted it up and there was 9 eggs underneath. I don't know what to do as neither of them were showing signs of egging and I dont know whether their fertile or not please help

It is very unlikely that the eggs will still be alive, if they were fertile in the first place. If you did not see them lock then odds are they are duds. And snakes generally will be locked for 12+ hours so it is hard to miss.

If you dont have a incubator then there really is no point in trying to do anything with them, just toss them. But if you do, set the temps on it and mix up the media and you will want to gently lift the cluster of eggs and set it on your media.

Do NOT turn or move any eggs, if anything is alive, you will drown it. Keep them in the exact position they are in now. Mark the lay date, shut the lid and let them be.

Peek at them once every few days to ensure no mold, or denting is occurring. You would know very quickly if they are bad, they will begin to sink rapidly and turn yellow and smell badly.

You can candle them to check and see if they are fertile, but most people cant figure out what to look for and if they are hardened in the cluster already you risk killing them all. You have to have one lone egg to candle or be very careful.


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