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I'm more of a large python person but only have one boa and decided to get another which is a rainbow boa. I'm not a person to keep my reptiles in tubs or racks so I buy tanks and for most custom cages. So my question is what is the minimum cage size for an adult rainbow boa? And do you prefer a rainbow boa over a blood python? I'm stuck between these two.

I like both animals for their looks.  Either one is going to be a "step up" when it comes to care.  Blood pythons like a wet cage 90% humidity or more.  In fact, when I kept them I kept a tub of sphagnum moss with about an inch of water in the bottom of the of tub in the cage at all times this seems to keep them happy and healthy.  Mine would actually start to get respiratory symptoms when the cages got dry.  

Rainbows seem to do well on cypress mulch that is rewet at least once per week. Although I will admit I have never kept one more than about a month.  

Both can be challenging temperament wise and by that I mean they aren't tame and calm like say a Burmese or a "red-tail."  I had a blood that was tame so it can be done but don't expect ball python temperament.  Neither gets much bigger than 4-5 feet though the blood will be MUCH heavier.  

Also, baby rainbow can be DIFFICULT feeders so make sure you are comfortable with that or you get a feeding guarantee before proceeding.


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