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possible hoggie??
possible hoggie??  
Is this a hog island boa? Is it true if you cross bred a hoggie with another boa it'll be bigger than your average 4-6' hog island boa? I'm not good with genetics but he's a 66% possible het T+ boa. If he's a hoggie can you give me some care info...I've been researching but its always diffrent info.

Thank You So Much!!!

It certainly has some of the HI characteristics.  I can't say for sure from the pic but if I were guessing I'd say it's some kind of cross with some HI in "the woodpile" somewhere.  Crossing species/subspecies certainly can cause intergrades in both size and color.  I believe the care of HI's is very similar to that of any of the common boa constrictor constrictor ssp.'s.  Was there specific info you needed?


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