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Albino burmese
Albino burmese  

I give my 10ft burm a warm bath when she's near shed to help loosen the skin but today she was acting weird in the tub. She kept slowing sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth and then she opened her mouth slowly and closed it. She's hasn't been hissy with me or irritable at all and she's not hungry atm. I got a video of how she was acting I'll try and upload it.

Some snakes will hang their mouth open in a  odd way, it is believed that they somehow got water in their air way.

But if she slow flicks all the time, if her tongue flicks and stays out for a while or she makes a gasping sound, she needs to see a bet.

Unless she begins to wheeze or blow bubbles, I wouldn't think to much of it.


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